By Team Member | March 9, 2020

Can I Buy Business Insurance Online?

Hey, it’s Kyle at Hatchet Insurance. The question is, can I buy a business insurance online? The answer is yes, you can. I’m reminded of that every time I try to watch a YouTube video. There’s a lot of ads for a lot of companies selling direct online.
Of course, you can also get it through an independent agent in your community. Obviously, I have a bias here, but questions just to think about when you’re thinking about whether to purchase the insurance online, what’s the reputation of the insurance provider? Do you know exactly what coverage you need? Is it going to satisfy all the requirements of anybody you might be working for? What are you going to do if your needs change? What’s the service going to be like after you buy the policy?
It’s like any big decision, and there are a lot of providers out there who will be glad to help you, but do your own research, get advice from people you trust, and just make the decision that seems best to you.
Hope that helps.