By Nelson Hatchett | October 12, 2019

Are Homeowners Insurance And Hazard Insurance The Same?

Kyle: All right, this is Kyle and Nelson Hatchett with with Hatchett Insurance here.

Nelson Hatchett: How you doing?

Kyle: Our question today is, are homeowners insurance and hazard insurance the same?

Nelson Hatchett: Okay, so this question was the number one Google asked question about home insurance. So if you’ve ever had a mortgage closed on a new house or had an escrow account through your mortgage to pay for your homeowners insurance, those folks refer to that as hazard insurance. Everybody else, insurance agents and our customers, we refer to it as homeowners insurance. So hazard insurance and homeowners insurance, they’re all talking about the same thing. It’s insurance that you need to cover your house in case something happens to it. And we can hook you up with that right here at Hatchett Insurance and get you the right product that fits your needs. So give us a call, or come by, or check out our website where you found this video.